Indoor work

Our experience enables us to perform interior work causing the least possible disruption to the owners.

Our aim is that when you contract our services you will not have to worry about moving furniture,our team will cause the least inconvenience as possible during work.

  • Application of matte paint with a very wide range of colours and qualities.
  • Mineral painting of lime for ibizencan houses.
  • Venetian stucco,cement topping,sponge effect,rust imitation,old fashion walls…
  • Lacquered furniture.
  • Hanging wallpaper.
  • Elimination of stippled walls.
  • Covering of kitchen and bathroom tiles.
  • Shabby chic furniture , distressing and antiquing techniques.
  • Blackboard effect on walls.
  • Magnetic effect on walls.
  • Salt residue –resistant treatment indicated in many buildings on ibiza.

Interiores Pinturas Fiona
Interiores Pinturas Fiona1
Interiores Pinturas Fiona2
Interior Pinturas Fiona 3
Interior Pinturas Fiona 4
Interior Pinturas Fiona 5